Halfway Coffee @ Sheung Wan

The Place

In what has become a standout in an area with a really established coffee culture, Halfway Coffee is perhaps one of my favourite spots for coffee.  There’s something really interesting about the little joint sandwiched between two laneways in Sheung Wan.  You know you’re in for a bit of a different experience when you notice the bespoke espresso machine, that’s quite unlike anything you’ve seen.

Then there’s the eclectic setup, a hodgepodge of seating that ranges from ultra modern seating to something that you’d have found in Grandma’s house.  And speaking of Grandma, the guys at Halfway Coffee must have scoured the old houses of Hong Kong to find all of the quirky china cups that are used as receptacles for their delicious coffee.

Event small things like the counter weighted bucket that serves as the cash register is a little off kilter; yeah, Halfway Coffee is definitely a little left of centre – but very much on point!


The Equipment

A bespoke and handmade Bosco espresso machine that was co-designed by the team at Halfway Coffee; the clear plastic front giving a great view of the boiler and other mechanics of the machine.  Beans are taken care of by a Mazzer Grinder Doser.

The Beans

The house blend is a heady mix of beans from the major coffee producing countries, including Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia and Sumatra.


The Package

I especially love the attention and care that is put into each and every coffee I’ve had from Halfway; to put it bluntly, I’ve never had a bad coffee here.  Which is why I regularly go out of my way to get one of their delicious lattes or flat whites.  Each of their white coffees is presented in a dainty little china cup with perfect latte art (accompanied by their logo laden business card).

With a sweet caramel aroma that is super inviting, the first sip of their golden nectar lets you know that coffee is in their blood.  With medium/low acidity and strong body, the chocolate caramel flavour has subtle hints of chocolate – providing for a sweet and delicious brew.  There is a complexity to their blend though, with very minor floral hints, just enough to tantalise, but not enough to detract from the overarching caramel flavour.

The consistency of their coffee is to be commended, the few times where I’ve been in a rush and secured a takeaway latte, the coffee has been just as good.  Along with their charming old-school china cups, the takeaway cups are really interesting in their own right; something I quite like from a coffee joint.

If you’re in Sheung Wan, then make sure you cross Queens Road West and find this little coffee joint – it will be worth your while.

The Rating


The Details

Where: 12 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Web: https://www.facebook.com/halfwaycoffeehk/
Cost: The cost is not important here; it’s that good (but is also cheap!)
Visit: Definitely a must visit, the kitsch factor alone is worth the visit

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