Africa Coffee & Tea @ Wong Chuk Hang

The Place

One of the new and exciting developing areas in Hong Kong is on the (relatively) new South Island MTR line… Wong Chuk Hang. A semi industrial area where there are hidden gems everywhere, including art galleries, private kitchens, amazing gyms and all sorts of bric-a-brac, Wong Chuk Hang is a part of Hong Kong that will be on the lips of those in the know for years to come… **Full disclosure, I have a gym in Wong Chuk Hang 🙂

One of the very original business in the ‘new’ Wong Chuk Hang, is a very cool and eclectic coffee joint and restaurant called Africa Coffee & Tea, or ACT for short. Because Wong Chuk Hang is relatively short on great coffee haunts, ACT is without doubt the main way to get your coffee fix on the Southside.

You know the minute you exit the elevator that you’re in for a different experience, with all sorts of African inspired displays pretty much everywhere you look. From the contemporary art in the hallway, to a take on the traditional African menu, this place screams Africa.

The focus of ACT is securing sustainable coffee beans, with a view to giving back to the women involved in the production process.

The Equipment

Espresso comes from a Victoria Arduino VA 388 Black Eagle with a matching Mythos One Clima Pro grinder; there’s also a Mahlhönig EK43 commercial grinder for that refined grind…

The Beans

Single Origin unwashed beans from East African coffee producing nation Uganda. Beans are sustainably produced.

The Package

You have to be careful using a single origin bean when crafting a great coffee; it’s often hit or miss and they often lack the complexity and richness of a blended grind. However, going with an unwashed bean has meant that the team at ACT are able to produce a very flavourful coffee from their Uganda beans.

The coffee at ACT is always very consistent, whether it’s from their coffee cart down in the foyer of the building or dine-in upstairs. There is a very earthy and natural feel to their lattes, which are full bodied and with hints of chocolate. I love the complexity of flavour of the Ugandan unwashed beans, the process of drying the beans a more traditional approach but is such a fine balance to get right, as they can very easily be ‘overdone’.

I love the array of brightly coloured coffee cups that ACT deliver for their coffees; the bright reds, oranges and yellows of the cups are just a nice touch that remind of the bright colours of many African Flags. ACT is a place where you can grab a coffee and have spectacular views of the southern part of HK island and, on a cold winters day, grab the warmth of the sun via the floor to ceiling windows that help accentuate the views of the island.

ACT is a place where you feel like you can linger, and the warmth of the owner, Charlene, shines through whenever she’s around. If you’re partial to authentic African cuisine, then you definitely need to stay around for their dine in menu.

The Rating

The Details

Where: Suite 1501, 15/F, 41 Heung Yip Rd, Wong Chuk Hang
Cost: On par for coffee in the area
Visit: No better coffee in Wong Chuk Hang

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