Zero One @ Central

The Place

Located underneath one of the most iconic attractions in Hong Kong, the central escalators, is Zero One. It’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ place, which should definitely be on the list of any true coffee aficionado’s list of must visit coffee joints.

Another of the Taiwanese originated coffee joints, Zero One channels the precision that Taiwan coffee roasters are famous for. Beans are from Chief Coffee Roaster Mars Huang, who was awarded with the second place prize at the World Coffee Roasting Championships of 2015.

Zero One Coffee and Roasters is easily identifiable thanks the infinity symbol that replaces the ‘o’s within the name. ∞ The infinity symbol represents perfection, which is how I would describe their coffees.

The Equipment

Zero One is rocking a custom made La Marzocco Linea PB 3 Group Head; the infinity symbol prominantly displayed on the glossy white machine. Main grinder is the Mythos One Victoria Aduino and a secondary Mahl-König for display purposes.

The Beans

Even though Zero One is a specialty coffee roaster that’s well known for it’s single origins, the house blend is a mix of beans from Guatemala, Myanmarn 5r and Colombia. Beans are roasted using a direct fire method, which lends to a particularly beautifully outcome.

The Package

The first thing that you notice when your coffee is delivered is the unusually shaped glasses, the texture of the glasses make gripping the cup easy, but also provide a striking view of the golden amber fluid.

The lattes are just about perfect, a rich flavour that is equal parts earthy and sweet caramel. There is a lovely body, the full fat Meiji milk helping to give that velvety consistency that makes the coffee a pleasure to drink. I really wanted to sit and savour my coffee on this visit, there was an incredible aftertaste that sat beautifully on the palate.

I really dig the coffee from Zero One.

The glasses are quite small, but provide just enough to satisfy but leaving you wanting more. I’m not often in Central, but this place is definitely a spot to keep an eye out for. There are a lot of coffee joints in Central now, but this place stands alone as the best coffee in Central.

The Rating

The Details

Where: UG/F, 83 Wellington St, Central
Cost: Normal for Central
Visit: Do not miss this place.

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