Le Petit Salon @ Wanchai

The Place

In what has become my daily coffee joint, my new local coffee hotspot is Le Petit Salon is just around the corner from my apartment in Lockhart Road. It’s kinda located in a no man’s land between central Wanchai and Causeway Bay, and is tucked away in a wooden hut that is completely out of place in the semi industrial part of Wanchai.

I find it really interesting that the guys at Le Petit Salon have just built out a little wooden hut in at the entrance to a laundry. It reminds me of the type of thing you’d see in a ski village, exposed wood that looks a little beat up, but super welcoming at the same time.

It’s very much a take away joint, but there are a couple of little stools that you can sit on to enjoy your brew, and watch the world go by. I quite enjoy grabbing my morning latte and reading the news on my phone and watching Wanchai wake up.

The Equipment

Rocking a bog standard La Marzocco KB90 plated in white, along with a grinder I’ve not come across before; a Vitoria Arduino Mythos One grinder. This bad boy has a clump crusher system that helps ensure dose consistency. Lastly, there are a set of precision scales, to ensure that not only is the grind perfect, but perfectly weighted.

The Beans

A unique blend of beans roasted locally in Hong Kong just for Le Petit Salon; Honduras 50%, Colombia 30% and Guatemala 20%.

The Package

This is the place that I’ve been getting my daily brew for almost six months now; and for me to go back to the same place, day after day to get a coffee and stay happy…. It says a lot about the consistency of the coffee. The team of baristas that cycle through this outlet are pretty dedicated to their craft. Each coffee is made with the same love and care, and I will also say precision, that turns out consistently great coffee.

The blend of beans used hits the right notes for me, the soft nutty hints from the predominantly Honduras beans are lovely against the sweetness from the Colombia arabica beans and the full body richness of the Guatemalan beans. Overall the the lattes have a full body with caramel chocolate undertone with hints of nutty almond.

I’m always partial to a sweet and nutty brew, but the crew also uses the extra fatty Meiji milk that is 4.3% fat and always ensures that there is an extra layer of creaminess in their milk based coffees.

I’ve had the opportunity to road test some of their drip filtered coffee, which has a pure and fruity flavour. Not really my favourite way of drinking coffee, but sipping the pure coffee without milk getting in the way left a fruity aftertaste on the palate.

The Rating

The Details

Where: 386 Lockhart Road, Wanchai
Web: http://lepetitsalon.com.hk/
Cost: Average for Hong Kong but I get the large; small is pretty cheap!
Visit: When in this part of Wanchai, then you’re probably already visiting!

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