Hi – you might know me by my alter ego FoodMeUpScotty.  I have a food blog you can check out at www.foodmeupscotty.com 

But, did you know that coffee was my passion?

Well, obsession and addiction is probably more accurate.

For a while, I was thinking about opening my own cafe specialising in organic coffee; this was before the explosion of cafes around my hometown of Brisbane.

I missed my opportunity!

Anyhoo.  I was addicted to coffee and made the life changing decision to sell my semi professional espresso machine and give up coffee….. Cold Turkey.

My insanity lasted about seven years.  Seven long years of not drinking coffee!

Then I moved to Hong Kong and I’ve slowly rediscovered my love of coffee.  Unusually, in a city that is not known for its coffee culture.

But that’s changing, slowly but surely.  Little pockets of excellence are happening all over Hong Kong; professional baristas are leading the charge.

My new blog is about finding all of those great little cafes and coffee houses that are dotting my adopted city.  I hope to lead you on a journey across Hong Kong to find the city’s best coffee!

The trip may be shorter than you think


AKA FoodMeUpScotty

AKA HK Coffee Hunter


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