Hazel & Hershey in SoHo

The Place

With quite an unusual and memorable name, Hazel & Hershey have been leading the charge to delight and inform the Hong Kong coffee community sine 2009.  Much more than just a cafe, H&H are a one stop shop for anything coffee.

Located at Peel Street in the heart of SoHo, H&H are a little bit more challenging to find than most coffee joints around HK.  Worse, the place only opens from 10am daily, which makes it a little more difficult for those looking for an early morning cup of joe.  With its unique colour and styling, Hazel & Hershey is difficult to miss, the bright aqua and brown colour of its facade both clear and memorable.

While H&H opens late daily, it’s well worth the wait, with arguably Hong Kong’s best coffee.  It’s a place where you can sit and enjoy a fine coffee with a group of dedicated staff who know their coffee.  Need coffee equipment to make your home brew even  better, then H&H has you covered there too.


The Equipment

A single La Marzocco Linea PB 2 Group AV Automatic Espresso Machine and a Mazzer Robur E Conical Burr Espresso Coffee Grinder.


The Beans

A unique blend of beans from Panama and India which are roasted on site


The Package

Every dine-in coffee that I’ve had from Hazel & Hershey has been spot on, no, better than spot on, perfect.  Each latte is beautifully presented in the H&H specially made cups, hearts and rosetta patterns abound.  The house blend has very light aroma, barely noticeable but with sweet undertones which carry through to a medium body and mild acidity.  The balance of components are perfect and the  caramel flavour of the house blend being sweet and delicious.

Each latte is made separately and this can be telling, with one of our lattes today being absolutely perfect and with the other having over heated milk.  However, the skill of the barista and the extraction process ensured that even the over heated latte was well balanced and just as delicious.

It starts to get a bit patchy when you order takeaway coffee, with my cup today being a little over extracted and with milk that was way too hot, almost scalding.  As a consequence, there was a thin body that lost that natural sweetness and had a slightly sour aftertaste.

This is a place where you definitely want to sit and enjoy your coffee and skip the takeaway.

The Rating

(dine in)


The Details

Where: 69 Peel Street, Central
Web: https://www.hazelnhershey.com
Cost: On the pricey side
Visit: For a perfect dine in coffee

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