Little Break Coffee & Kitchen

The Place

I keep finding great little coffee joints within a few blocks of each other at Sheung Wan, which has to be one of the hottest little areas in Hong Kong.  Whereas the other coffee haunts I’ve checked out in Sheung Wan had a traditional coffee shop feel about them, Little Break Coffee & Kitchen feels more a typical Asian cafe, in fact, in the times I visited, I’ve not seen any other Westerners at all.

Little Break is easy to spot, with a bright neon ‘apostrophe’ calling out like a beacon for those in the know.  Once you step through the doors, you notice the bright decor which is dominated by yellow fittings, matching the neon sign outside.  A small counter at the back of the dining area is where the magic happens; and there are plenty of seats inside to enjoy a brew.

Surprisingly,  Little Break Coffee and Kitchen is a spot where you can get a seriously good coffee.


The Equipment

A single La Marzocco Linea 2 Group Volumetric espresso machine and an Anfim super caimano on demand coffee grinder.


The Beans

Packaged in super cool tins, the beans are mostly from Ethiopia and Kenya, coffee by ‘Roaster’.


The Place

Our coffees were individually made and delivered a few minutes apart.  The thing that stood out immediately was the precise latte art; we were given a typical rosetta with one latte and the other was classic tulip.  There was a very strong but slightly burnt floral aroma emanating from our cups. The medium light body provided a sweet and fruity flavour that was chased by an earthy after taste.

I loved that the coffees had been made with obvious care, but what made our visit to Little Break was the utterly delicious coffee.  Even though the body was light medium, accompanied by a low acidity, there was a really good balance to the coffee that made it delicious to drink.  The coffees were very consistent too, with my takeaway latte tasting exactly the same as my dine in.

A contender for the best latte in Sheung Wan.

The Rating

The Details

Where: 104 Jervois St, Sheung Wan
Cost: Reasonable
Visit: Go out of your way to get some


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