Lof 10: minimalism in Sheung Wan

The Place

Get ready to walk up steps and plenty of them.  Visiting Lof 10 in Sheung Wan is a study in determination and exercise.  Once you’ve ascended to the funky coffee joint that has a very minimalist look and feel, you’ll need a cup of ice cold water; which thankfully we were given once we entered.

Like the simple and understated sign on the cement wall outside Lof 10, the interior was hugely understated and very spartan.  Because it was so bare, there were a couple of elements that stood out, like the mahogany share table with a picture of a deer; the stainless steel counter with plain white tiles in the wet area; the second seating area with an old fashioned apple sign.  Exposed air vents lent an almost industrial feel to the interior.

Most of all, I loved the cool house melodies playing that seemed so in alignment with the minimal and spacious space that could only have originated in the hippest section of Sheung Wan.  It was my kind of joint.


The Equipment

A very beautiful Victoria Arduino Adonis two group head espresso machine and a Mazzer Super Jolly commercial grinder.  I also noticed a Mahlkonig EK43 coffee grinder sitting idly, possibly just for show.


The Beans

Lof 10 use a Brazil Ethiopia blend that’s roasted locally in Hong Kong.


The Package

I loved that we were given ice cold cups of water when we walked into Lof 10 after our exhausting training session.  It was just what we needed after a hot walk up the steps and entering the zen like environment.  Our lattes when they came were expertly presented and individually prepared, coming a few minutes apart.  I also loved the unique coffee cups that our lattes were presented in, very much in line with the minimalist vibe of the environment.

There was a strong nutty and slightly burnt caramel aroma that somehow still had a light and almost indistinguishable fruity hit.  Interestingly, the caramel aroma gave way for a very strong fruity flavour, almost citrus like.  The medium strong body and medium acidity brew was very well balanced but has a slight sour aftertaste, almost fermented, which is quite usual for fruity blends.  The milk seemed to be slightly cooler than I’d like, which I think contributed to the fermented aftertaste.

Our takeaway coffee was nicer, with a slightly hotter milk that has more natural sweetness, that fermented aftertaste was gone, leaving almost the perfect cup of coffee.

The Rating

The Details

Where: 1 U Lam Terrace, Sheung Wan
Web: https://www.facebook.com/lof10hk/?fref=ts
Cost: Holy Crap; it’s expensive $58 a cup
Visit: If you’re feeling rich


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