CoCo Espresso Wanchai

The Place

Hidden in quiet Anton Street Wanchai, CoCo Espresso inhabits a tiny little shop that’s pretty easy to miss.  Opened in 2012, it was the first of the expanding CoCo Espresso brand, with more recent additions in Central and Kowloon West.

The Wanchai outlet is small, with just enough room for half a dozen inside and room for more outside.  Signs abound that CoCo is a serious coffee house.  A chart outlining the complexity of flavours; awards are on display, as is the self branded coffee that you can buy for your home machine.

Visit the CoCo Espresso website and you will see just how serious this group is about providing amazing coffee


The Equipment

Cat and Peggy Coffee Machine and a La Marzocco GB5 2 Group Coffee Grinder


The Beans

Free Trade where possible and sourced from Brazil and Ethiopia


The Package

These guys know how to make coffee.  Each cup is made individually and milk temperature is gauged by hand; perfectly.  With an exacting grind comes the ideal extraction, each of the baristas who’ve made me a coffee from CoCo have got it right.

The natural fruitiness of the blend shines through with every cup and the sweetness of the milk accentuates those fruity notes.  There is a subtle earthiness to a coffee from CoCo espresso and I have to say it’s my current favourite!



The Rating

The Details

Where: 1 Anton Street, Wanchai
Cost: Reasonable
Visit: Frequently






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