Fuel Espresso at the Landmark

The Place

One of the busiest coffee joints in Central is located in the prestigious Landmark building, which coincidentally houses a few Michelin Starred restaurants.  Taking pride of place in the basement, Fuel Espresso is the spot where the well to do business folks in Hong Kong get their coffee fix.

While New Zealand isn’t the first country I’d think about when talking coffee, the team from Fuel hail from the southern-most part of the world & after opening nine outlets in Wellington, the group decided to expand. Hong Kong seemed the most likely place and the first outlet opened in 2008.  Now with a couple of outlets across HK, Fuel Espresso has become a favourite for many expats & locals alike.

While takeaway coffee is most prominent at the Landmark outlet, there are plenty of seats available for business meetings; you need to get in quick though, those seats fill up fast.


The Equipment

Two La Marzocco Italian dual boiler espresso machines and a couple of MahlKonig twin grinders.


The Beans

Sourced from Coorg, the premium coffee growing region of India. The beans come from founder Sanjay Ponnapa’s ancestral estates in his native India, and Fuel create their own unique blends.


The Package

Fuel is one of the busiest coffee shop I’ve seen in Hong Kong, some mornings the lines are really long.  A mix of expats and locals make Fuel their regular coffee hunting spot, and it’s my weekday morning local too, mainly because their coffee is consistent (and it’s very close to work).

The coffee at Fuel is fairly benign though, almost a little too safe.  There is a slightly earthy flavour to the coffee and when made well, is tasty, however during very busy times, the coffee feels a little rushed.  You can usually expect your milk at the right temperature with the Fuel baristas adept at preparing this most important component of a latte or flat white.  However, the coffee can be over extracted and become out of balance and a little harsh.

I love the environment though, there are comfortable seats and funky jazz plays on the speakers at just the right level.

My main gripe with Fuel is that it’s the most expensive coffee in Hong Kong and at $52 for a small latte, it hurts the hip pocket, especially on those days where the coffee is less than perfect.



The Rating

The Details

Where: Basement Level @LandmarkHK
Web: http://www.landmark.hk/dining/fuel-espresso
Cost: Unreasonably Pricey (latte = $52)
Visit: Frequently

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