The Coffee Academics Wanchai

The Place

Even their name ‘The Coffee Academics’ hints towards something quite special.  Almost educational about their approach to the pure art of the bean.  Launched in 2012, The Coffee Academics have been a driving force behind introducing quality coffee into the Hong Kong market.  Now with a handful of outlets across Hong Kong, the Wanchai outlet is typical of what you’ll see when visiting the specialist coffee outfit.

The centerpiece of Coffee Academics Wanchai is their ‘Slayer Espresso Machine’, without doubt the most beautiful available on the market.  Each Slayer is a work of art, and it’s hard not to be drawn towards custom made three-group machine, the only one in Hong Kong.

You’re left in no doubt that Coffee Academics take the pursuit of coffee very seriously, you can book your coffee appreciation classes here, and if you’re so inclined take education classes that will see you eventually become a qualified barista.


The Equipment

A single 3 Group head Slayer Espresso Machine and a Mazzer for Rocket grinder.  Interestingly, there is a specially designed express jug cleaner built next to the Slayer.


The Beans

The Coffee Academics have gone next level; having purchased their own coffee farm in Panama.  Located in the Baru Volcano region at an altitude of 1900m, the region and location produces some of the finest Arabica beans in the world.

Also sourcing coffee from around the world, The Coffee Academics roast their beans locally in Hong Kong, creating unique blends.  Make no mistake, these guys are dedicated to their craft.


The Package

I love the coffee at The Coffee Academics, most of the time.  The attention to detail is staggering, with each jug cleaned before use on their turbo cleaner, a precise grind for the group head ensures the perfect extraction each time (well, almost) and milk temperature is assessed by hand and almost always spot on.

However, on the day of my review, the milk was overheated and as a consequence the robust and nutty coffee took on a slightly burnt flavour.  It was a shame as the coffee looked spectacularly poured and the two at my table looked identical, showing real mastery at latte art.

I did get a latte to go though, hoping that my second cup of the morning would be redeemed, and thankfully it was.  A completely balanced cup with that natural sweetness of the milk danced with the nutty flavour, with no hint of the previous burnt effect.

While I do love The Coffee Academics, the only thing stopping me from visiting more often is the size of their takeaway cups; they are too large and I’d love to see an option of a small cup.

Carbon copies – #latteart
The takeaway didn’t have any pretty latte-art!

The Rating

The Details

Where: 35-45 Johnston Road, Wanchai
Cost: Reasonable
Visit: More often if they offered a small

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